Inquiry in Groups: a guidebook for facilitators

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Inquiry Cards are used by thousands of group leaders around the world to inspire their work and guide their participants to more breakthroughs in workshops, support groups, spiritual gatherings, trainings, networking events, classes, retreats,…and of course, for themselves.

Questions are some of the most powerful tools a facilitator can use to initiate transformation and because Inquiry Cards are such a simple, effective way to engage with empowering questions, they’re an excellent catalyst for any process of self-discovery and an easy fit for methods and settings of all kinds.

Get these field-tested ways to use the inspiring questions of Inquiry Cards in groups.

(delivered as a digital PDF file)

2 reviews for Inquiry in Groups: a guidebook for facilitators

  1. Tina

    I teach Feng Shui for the Interior Design department at a local college. I use your inquiry cards as an ice-breaker. Students LOVE IT! So fun and really opens them up for lots of discussion through the semester. Thank you

  2. Eileen Maendel

    This is great for mindfullness.

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