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The deck that asks YOU the questions…

because the answers…are INside you!

The practice of self-inquiry is a powerful tool for change. These thought-provoking questions combined with mandalas from nature gently interrupt habitual thought patterns and help you see challenges from a different perspective. Simple for anyone to use, these cards can be; meditation tools, journal prompts, conversation starters, problem solvers, daily inspiration, a unique gift, a life-coach-in-a-box.

We humans have a habit of looking OUTside ourselves. Especially for the big things, like love and power and answers to our most challenging questions. And that gets us into all kinds of trouble. The purpose of this deck is to turn that around and practice looking INside ourselves for answers, and in the process, train the mind to ask better questions.

An inspiring gift for:

• Clients
• Employees
• Friends
• Family
• Hosts
• Therapists
• Healers
• Coaches
• Yoga teachers
• Teenagers
• Parents
• Facilitators
• Anyone who meditates (or wants to)

Inquiry Cards are getting rave reviews from all kinds of people and we know they’re a great gift because so many of you order piles of them. From the quality of the paper to the rich colors and handcrafted wooden stand, Inquiry Cards are a sensory feast and a life-changing tool.  Add a personal message when you checkout and we’ll even include a pretty, handwritten card in the gift package!

Spark breakthroughs. Develop your intuition. The answers are inside you. Come on in.


Deck of 48 cards with beautiful images from nature seen through a teleidoscope. Six-sided mandalas to break up habitual thought patterns and see your challenges from a different perspective as the questions on the cards are being explored.

Guidebook with suggested meditations and games to use on your own or in groups.

Handcrafted wooden stand for displaying a card as you contemplate the question.

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56 reviews for Inquiry Cards – Original Deck

  1. Diane

    I just had a fun first grade girl drive by. Knock. knock. “Gramma, we want to do something with you!” So I pull out inquiry cards. They draw some. Talk about how much they love nature. Answer the questions from their 6 year old perspective. Say, “One more round, please!” Answer one more and then off they go…just like that. Thanks!

  2. Karen

    I just had the best conversation with a family member that was really struggling with a break up she had recently. I happened to have the Inquiry Cards sitting out because they are so beautiful in my new house 🙂 and she answered questions from the stack. Her countenance shifted. Her despair turned to excitement. It was such a fun afternoon. I just had to tell you and thank you!

  3. Lori Mertz

    Inquiry Cards are The Best. The questions are genius and open the mind to explore all new ways of looking at a situation. Recently I am having a blast picking them with my grandchildren and hearing what they say. It opens up such wonderful dialog and an opportunity for them to share their thoughts and feelings. We pick them on sleepovers and now they run to them every time they come over! Sylvia has created a magical fun tool for insight and awareness for adults and kids. I so love them!

  4. Leslie

    I just wanted to share with you what I did with my extra deck of Inquiry cards. I’ve had it for a while, knowing it was supposed to go somewhere, and waiting for the “who” and “where”. When I started volunteering at the prison last month, the inmates asked me if I could get them a few divination decks. So now one of your decks is in the (xxxx) prison chapel library! Love & Blessings

  5. Shawn Lerwill

    Every tarot reader should have these! In my professional career, it is rare to have a tool emerge that is both original and insightful. Inquiry Cards are simple enough and profound enough to use with every client I have. Inquiry is a path for true opening and awareness that points to the Divine, awakening and expanding itself in all of us.

  6. Beth

    I’ve had these stunning cards for many years and adore both their beauty and the reflections they prompt. I know life doesn’t provide many opportunities for quiet meditation these days but even a minute or 2 before sleep is magical.

  7. Trudy

    Love them!

  8. Sandy

    I am so pleased with the cards and am using them in my coaching practice with some terrific results. I now realize what an impact these questions have for my clients. The cards help them to reach much deeper into themselves, and they really love them. Happy that I have them-they’re a big help to me. Really enjoying your newsletter, too.

  9. Kent

    I use these cards all the time ! What a great tool.

  10. Crystal

    I’ve ordered a few sets and think they are wonderful

  11. Katharine

    They’re a great tool in my therapy practice.

  12. Mary Martin

    I tend to give away my card sets or introduce them to my friends. I gave away my current set to friends, so I am eager to receive a new set. You are truly doing a Great Work of Enlightenment and Love for individuals, for the Universe. Thank You.

  13. Heather

    I gifted a set to my work department of 8 public service workers….each staff member has an inquiry card on their desk. Each week we have a new card replace the old. Throughout the week, we enjoy asking each other about their Inquiry Cards and listen as we hear the insights in response to the question. It helps to build unity within the department.

  14. Kris

    I love my INquiry cards and I have loved giving them as gifts.
    I sometimes draw a card or 3 when . . .
    • I’m stuck regarding something I want to accomplish, like sorting and purging
    • Or when I’m dreaming and imagining and planning and hatching a vision or an intention.
    • Or when I’m restless and haven’t yet identified why.

    A very favorite way to use my cards is during a face-to-face visit with a friend, when we’re sharing from the heart and can delight in the beauty of the cards and the places that the questions guide us to during our conversation.

    Often I have a single card in its stand in my bathroom, where I see it any time I’m near the sink. One card might live there for several weeks at a time. “What am I ready for?” has been there for quite awhile.

    Thanks so much for the beauty of these cards. So good for the soul.

  15. Marilynn Phipps

    I pull a card every day in the morning. I also have them at work and pull one there and have my clients pull one if they can’t think of an intention for their healing session. The questions are great and it’s fun to just let go and see what shows up.

  16. Pierr Morgan

    Growing up I came to believe that asking questions was rude or – “none of my beeswax” – so in my life I hadn’t really practiced asking questions. I love divination cards but find it hard to come up with questions. So when I saw your Inquiry Cards on Martha Beck’s “favorite things” I had to have them.

    I draw one each morning after meditating. Sometimes the question is so juicy, loaded with answers, I don’t draw another card for a week. The questions tend to stay on your mind. One question in particular “What do I really want?” – Adding the word “really” makes all the difference. They’re brilliant. YOU are brilliant.
    Thank you so much.

  17. Mikki

    I’m a therapist at an eating disorder treatment center for adults, and have the box of Inquiry cards sitting on a table in my office. I’ll have a client pull a card during one of our individual therapy sessions, and use it to help guide our treatment planning. Inevitably, the cards always seem to bring something out about the client’s values and their authentic self, which so often THEY don’t even know about themselves yet! And whatever shows up is what we can then use to help the client find internal motivation to let go of their eating disorder. And, when nothing comes out of a card besides “I don’t know,” then I know we need to back up a bit in the therapeutic process and do more work first. I also like pulling one to help prompt discussion in my process groups.

    I also use them as a way to give journal assignments, for my clients who need journal prompts to help them tune into themselves.
    I love these cards!! Thank you for creating them – they have helped me and many others!

  18. Noreen

    I like to pull cards when I’m feeling a little adrift and unfocused. I place them on my desktop so that I can reflect and help to guide my choices. Thanks for the beautiful cards!

  19. Wendy Warner

    The card sits in its stand on the box on my dining room table. I pull one and sit with it until it tells me it’s time to pull another. Two cards that are still speaking to me …could be up all year!!! So much fun!!

  20. Andrea Bernstein

    I’ve been picking a card for each direction of the Medicine Wheel and also as part of my altar to shift and create my life. It has been FABULOUS and all is flowing powerfully.

  21. Alice

    I pull a card every 6-8 weeks.
    I keep it on my headboard and think about it all day and before bed. I am learning a lot about myself and I love having them. I’ve also given them as gifts and know they’re being well used.

  22. Sally

    My girlfriend and I draw a card on Sunday evening as we’re getting ready for the week ahead. We usually ask our own question regarding something we would like more information on, general or specific. Then we draw an Inquiry card as an answer to help us go deeper to find our own answer within ourselves. We really find it empowering to look to ourselves for the solution. Thank you so much for creating these! They’ve been immensely helpful!

  23. Monica

    I pull a card when I am making a decision and want some guidance.

  24. Conrad Grams

    I am never ready for the card that I draw but I always enjoy finding the answer.

  25. Yalda

    I give them to all my friends and family as presents and they love them. I have almost not bought any other presents since I have known about your lovely Inquiry Cards.

  26. Barbara Goldsmith

    The Inquiry Cards are AMAZING!! I cannot recommend them highly enough. They contain inspiring messages with powerful information that can transform your life! Every time I get them out, I so enjoy the experience of seeing the beautiful colours, the eager anticipation of which card will come up, and the food for thought that ensues that helps me to become more aware of all the subtle messages that are around me every moment. They make a WONDERFUL gift either to yourself or someone you love.
    – Barbara Goldsmith

  27. Wissotagirl

    Get Them!
    These are gorgeous cards! I gave them as a gift to my mom who is a spiritual director and leads meditation groups. She loves them. These cards are useful tools to support you in answering your own questions by posing a question for you to think about. The answers are all inside of us.

  28. Pat

    These will make sweet gifts. Thank you.

  29. Ben

    Beautiful and evocative. I love these cards. So many card readings try to forecast the future..which in my opinion is not useful. These cards really are true to their name- Inquiry. The questions are great, and put the ball in the users court. We are so often looking for answers, but how about simple contemplation that can illicit a multitude of possibilities? My kind of tool. And did I forget to mention that they are incredibly beautiful? Great gift to self and other.

  30. Tammy

    Divine Inspiration!

    The Inquiry Cards are the perfect mirror to the soul. They reflect my truth back to me in such an intuitive, insightful and powerful way. They are now a part of my daily spiritual practice.

  31. Matt

    Wow, these cards rock. One for the waiting room of my therapy practice and one for a gift.

  32. Debra Helwich

    Love them. Use most every day.

  33. Sandkat

    Beautiful artwork and great questions. Love this deck.

  34. Jenny Clifton

    Five Stars
    Very thought provoking when used for meditation or journaling.

  35. Millie M.

    Journaling tool.

    I’m using them as writing prompts in journaling.

  36. Carla


    These cards are divine! It is so easy to get caught up in all the things that need our attention in the day, but these cards offer an opportunity to pause, take a step back, and go within to get to know ourselves better and find the answers we are seeking. Thank you so much for sharing this gift. Namaste <3

  37. Lisa B. Cozzens

    These cards are so beautiful and unique. My friend had some. The questions are
    so so so thought provoking.. I can’t wait to get my set!!

  38. Dani

    Beautiful + Inspiring!

    What a beautiful deck of inspiration! Each question inspires you to dig deeper and think about what really matters in your life. The designs are beautiful and I love that the shape of the cards is unique.

  39. Unknown

    How lovely!

    Not only are these cards beautiful, they are meaningful. Each card contains one important thought for you to ponder and is designed so you can keep it on a stand in front of you throughout the day. This is a perfect gift for almost anyone, including you.

  40. Johanna M

    Great journal prompts. Ensures conversations.
    Great for gift giving. Great journal prompts. Ensures conversations on deeper level. Mesmerizing meditative tool.

  41. Val – London, UK

    Beautiful Cards!

    Very beautiful set of cards which takes the effort out of asking questions. Wonderful adjunct to any oracle deck or therapeutic practice.

  42. Alice F.

    Great cards!

    I am having so much fun with the inquiry cards & am very happy with my purchase!

  43. Joy St-Laurent

    Consciously cultivated questions entice Divine dialogue

    I find one of the most difficult parts of introspection and intuitive work is asking the appropriate questions. This beautiful and mindfully crafted deck eases the process of deep introspection by providing profound questions for meditation.

  44. Karen Morgan

    I use these cards more than I thought I would.
    I just ordered these and began using them last week. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, they are also very helpful. Do you know how a very good friend counsels you by asking you questions to get you to think a little deeper? That’s what these cards do. They are like that trusted friend. I have used them more than I thought I would. Yesterday I used the cards in a “speed round” type way to get myself to think through some issues with my growing business. By the time I blew through the stack of questions, answering them quickly from my gut, I came to the realization that there was a much better client fit for me out there – I had been blind to a whole group of individuals who could truly use what I had to offer. The questions led me to new and fresh ideas straight from my own inner wisdom!

  45. Naomi Lang

    Amazing creation!

    I have bought several of the Inquiry cards, for myself and as gifts. I love how these cards invite an opening to our own knowing and create space for Infinite possibilities.
    Everyone I’ve gifted them to absolutely LOVE them. Thank you. I also LOVE the presentation, so lovingly presented.

  46. Alexandra


    The three decks I ordered arrived quickly and are even more beautiful than I had hoped. The design on the cards is gorgeous and the addition of the stand to hold a card is genius. I also love it that there wasn’t any plastic packaging around each box of cards. Kudos for that environmentally-sensitive decision!!

  47. Angie K. Millgate

    Exquisite and Powerful
    One of my greatest joys is finding tools that work WITH me in helping me uncover my own truths instead of telling me what to do. The Inquiry Card deck is exquisite in the way it is put together – all the components are mindfully designed and purposeful. And the artwork is breathtaking. Being a visual person, the art is what captivated me the most; playing with the intuitive questions within the deck has held me captive.

  48. Dan

    Excellent Product for Spiritual Direction
    I am a spiritual director/mentor and read about this product in Presence, the journal of Spiritual Directors International. I use them with directees right at the beginning of the session. I ask them to flip through the cards and to lay out on the table next to us the questions that they bring with them to the session. These questions are not to talk about necessarily unless there is a desire to do so. They just provide a background for whatever the directee wants to discuss. There has been a uniform positive response. Many persons have commented on how beautiful the cards are and how relevant the questions are.

    I recommend this card deck to all those working with people who have deep abiding questions.

  49. Anne Marie Bennett

    This deck is phenomenal, the very best I’ve seen!

    I absolutely love this deck! I love the shape of them, the look of them, the feel of them and most of all I love the questions! I have been embracing the practice of asking questions for several years now and so I love the questions as well. I am a SoulCollage Facilitator and we create our own card decks, using magazine images, scissors and glue and mat boards. As we build our decks, we do readings with them, and we use this deck in conjunction with our readings. The booklet you have written to go with the deck is just beautiful and I love the many ideas for using the cards as well.

    In the SoulCollage process we practice the truth that all the answers are inside of us, and your deck complements our process immensely! Thank you for putting this out into the world. Ripples of difference are already having an affect on us!

  50. Unknown

    My Kaleidoscope Cards.

    These cards are exquisite and remind me of when I look in my grandson’s kaleidoscope. The colors are gorgeous and resemble beautiful mandalas. The cards are 6 sided and just staring at the cards is a form of meditation. The guidebook is very helpful as well. These cards force you to really look inside of yourself for answers.

    These cards are a wonderful gift for yourself and others to explore what is going on inside us. They have so many uses as a tool for self-discovery. They are a great way to sit and meditate and listen for the answer. They are very unique and I look forward to working with them a lot.

  51. Rivka Levy

    Priceless Integration of Heart and Fun.
    The UNique concept, and the beautiful cards and questions (for the PLAYER to thoughtfully answer from the heart) is particularly suited to our time when re-affirmation and INsight is in a particular period of conflict. I know of very few other gentle triggers within which to find INtuition, INsight, peace and affirmation. One cannot help but respond to the milieu these well-crafted and INspiring tempters make accessible to the INdividual and group.

    We discover a place of peace and meditation; and, above all, heart-centered fun, creating a warm and receptive time of closeness. Kudos to the Nibley brilliant authoring and the Nibley/Hayes synergistic alliance. We all LOVE the exhilaration of * INquiry’s * stimulation!

  52. Robin Friedman

    A Beautiful and Unique Gem.
    I just received the 3 sets I ordered… one for me and 2 as gifts! I am already enjoying the way one question can take me deep in only a matter of moments. The kaleidoscope images are awesome. I so recommend these cards. And to top it off, the love Sylvia put into creating each card is palpable! I say go for it. What have you got to lose? (that’s not one of the questions, but maybe it will be!)

  53. Fred Coyote

    The best spiritual tools question your answers rather than answer your questions.

    When I first started down the road of spirituality, my favorite teacher taught me about the power of good inquiry—really getting down to the nitty-gritty questions that will overturn one’s preconditioned answers about life. Later, I was introduced to various divination tools like Tarot and other oracle decks, only these are geared toward answering questions. While they can be a powerful mirror when used thoughtfully, if you’ve not asked the right kind of question, the results can be rather superficial.

    Here’s the answer (or maybe I should say ‘question’)! A question-oriented inquiry deck that takes you right to the root of spirituality. I’ve searched through hundreds of oracle decks (literally) and never seen the like. Sylvia Nibley really gets the power of good inquiry, and these questions go right to the heart of living. Highly recommended! I’m going to go play with my Inquiry Deck now.

  54. Anonymous customer

    Access Your Inner Wisdom
    Connecting with your inner wisdom can be tricky. Part of the magic of these cards is asking the right questions to help facilitate the process. The great philosophers of the ages have known this for millenia–that asking the right questions are powerful tools for connecting you with your own inner wisdom. These cards are a nice tool for self-discovery.

  55. Connie

    The right question at the right time can change your life!! These cards offer powerful questions. They arrive packaged so beautifully. The perfect gift for a friend or yourself!

  56. Linda Wignall

    These cards are very unique. There are many out there that you draw on and it gives you an answer or something to do. The Inquiry cards guide you to connect with the wisdom within. To go within and sit with the question quietly and let the answer come to you from your own wisdom.
    The cards themselves are beautiful, like looking into a kaleidoscope. The wooden stand that comes with them is natural wood, the card sits in the stand serving as a piece of art. The Guidebook offers suggestions on how to use the cards

    The questions are thought provoking, and sometimes just sitting with the question for a day or so brings new insights into yourself as well as the reason you are looking for an answer in the first place.

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