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About Inquiry Cards


Inquiry Cards are a new kind of meditation tool. A delightful game. A simple way to connect.

Inquiry Cards ask YOU the questions. Meaningful, thought-provoking questions complemented by gorgeous kaleidoscopic mandalas from nature. The questions paired with the designs gently interrupt habitual thought patterns and help us see life’s challenges from a different perspective.

People are instantly falling in love with these cards and giving them as gifts like wild. In fact, we hear all the time about people giving their own deck away and coming back for more! You can see some of their enthusiastic comments here.

Why do people love Inquiry Cards?
We humans have a habit of looking OUTside ourselves. Especially for the big things, like love, clarity, peace–you know–the answers to life’s big questions. And that gets us into all kinds of trouble. The purpose of this deck is to turn that around and practice looking INside ourselves for answers and in the process, train the mind to ask better questions–which of course lead to better answers.

At a deep level everyone knows the answers are inside them. We believe this is why people are responding SO positively to Inquiry Cards. They instantly connect us to the wisdom, power and love that’s innate in all of us and people are hungry for that.

The surprising thing
Of course Inquiry cards are being well received in the personal growth, meditation and wellness worlds, but here’s the surprise: even people who haven’t shown any affinity for oracle cards or metaphysical tools are loving these cards too. So whether your audience loves transformation, or simply beautiful, thought-provoking gifts, Inquiry Cards can add a unique offering to your message.

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Gifts under $30/$50
Last-minute gifts
Inspiring gifts
Gifts for people who meditate




“My favorite gift…”
– Martha Beck, bestselling author, O, The Oprah Magazine columnist

“I highly recommend them.”
– Rev. Monica McDowell, Presence Magazine

“These make the perfect gift for anyone (especially those hard-to-buy-for folks).”
– Diane DeGiorgio, The Everything Yoga Blog

Recommended by Kindred Spirit Magazine for New Year’s reflection.

“Inquiry Cards are AMAZING!! I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
– Barbara Goldsmith, Your Astrology Signs

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The Danielle Lin Show: The Answers Are Inside You
For thousands of years human beings have searched for answers to life’s most challenging questions, such as “how does one find love, happiness, and peace of mind?” From masters to gurus, wise women to sages, soul truths have eluded most on the journey until now. Sylvia Nibley shows us how to ask better questions and instantly connect with the wisdom inside to solve the challenges of life.

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In this fun show, Sylvia Nibley, shows us how to use simple, powerful questions to have a stress-free holiday, easily find meaningful gifts for loved ones and experience deeper joy going into the new year.

queenofquestionsAbout Sylvia Nibley

Known as the “Queen of Questions”, Sylvia gratefully discovered the simple power of inquiry to create breakthroughs in her life and has been practicing the art of a good question for decades.
Questions like; What’s the easier way?, What do I believe?, and What inspires me?  have led to many innovative tools for transformation. Tools like Inquiry Cards, Root Change Programs,  Grow Your Business Organically and Love Unleashed events.
Modern mystic, wild woman, inspired healer, dancing goddess and evolutionary priestess, Sylvia has a way of bringing Universal truths from big ideas all the way to the practical world.
She’s also an award-winning transformational leader who has helped thousands of people wake up to the truth of who they are. Drawing from many traditions, a deep connection to nature and guided by a constant connection with spirit she gets phenomenal results supporting breakthroughs in surprising ways.

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Sylvia Nibley