An Inspired Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

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You’re trying to come up with ideas for that special gift, even racking your brain, but you may be asking the wrong question…

If you’ve been saying “what can I get __(fill in their name)___?” you’ve been asking a question that doesn’t work very well.

Here’s a better way.
I did this with some friends the other day and within 3 minutes we came up with a bunch of excellent ideas.

You see, it’s not really about the stuff.
It’s not about the amount of money you spend.
It’s about knowing your loved one well enough that when they open your present they feel seen and cherished for who they really are.

It’s about gifts that connect to the heart.

To do this, we’re going to use Inquiry Cards with questions that are usually directed towards yourself, but for gift-giving we’ll make just a slight change in the words.

Here we go:

Get some paper and write down the names of the people you want to give a meaningful gift to.
Plan on taking 3-5 minutes per person to uncover great gift ideas using these 4 simple questions:




First card is “What delights me?” but instead of using the word ME, you’ll ask…

1. What delights___(fill in their name)____?

When have you seen them delighted?

What was happening?

When talking, what do they get excited about?


28-inspires2. What inspires _______?

This is similar to delight, but enough of a different angle that you’ll get different answers.


 18.value3. What does _______ value?

What’s most important to them?
If you look at where they choose to spend their
and money,
you’ll be able to recognize what their core values are.



 27.need4. What does ________ need?

Based on what you’ve discovered so far, is there anything that delights them, inspires them, or means a lot to them that they need and don’t have?

Pause with each question and take some notes.

Got some ideas?

Great! See how much more you knew about your loved one than you realized?

All the answers you discovered will point you to creative ideas for gifts that will touch their heart,
and connect YOU to your love for them. Win-win!

What if I don’t know someone well enough to have the answers to these questions?

No problem, just find a way to work these questions into a conversation.

“What’s inspiring you lately?” or
“I realized I don’t think I know what’s most important to you, is it _________?”
And BONUS, you’ll get to have a meaningful conversation with them.

Now that you’ve got some good ideas, you can ask YOURSELF these good questions:

What’s my budget?

What’s an easier way to get these gifts?

What can I simplify?

And if you find that someone on your gift list values personal growth, meaningful conversations, creative living, meditation or introspection, consider giving them the gift of Inquiry Cards.

There are lots of reasons Inquiry Cards are the go-to gift for so many thoughtful people.

Inquiry Cards make a meaningful, inspiring gift for:

• Clients
• Employees
• Friends
• Family
• Hosts
• Therapists
• Healers
• Teachers
• Coaches
• Teenagers
• Facilitators
• Clergy
• Anyone who meditates (or wants to)

Thanks for using good questions to create a stress-free holiday season!
Was this gift guide helpful for you? If so, please DO share.


Creator of Inquiry Cards, Sylvia Nibley is an award-winning entrepreneur who’s been a leader in transformation for decades. She gets phenomenal results supporting breakthroughs and has helped thousands of people wake up to the truth of who they are. Drawing from a deep connection to nature and guided by a constant connection with spirit, Sylvia loves to share the simple power of self-inquiry.

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