The instructions came out of the blue right into my brain. Very detailed instructons.

A deck. With cards that ask YOU the questions.
Because we humans have a habit of looking OUTside ourselves. Especially for the big things, like love and power and answers to our most challenging questions. And that gets us into all kinds of trouble.

So the purpose of this deck is to turn that around and practice looking INside ourselves for answers and in the process train the mind to ask better questions.

1.middleI even saw what it looked like. Hexagonal. The backs purple with a symbol of interwoven question marks. The fronts, beautiful images from nature seen through a teleidoscope (not kaleidoscope). Six-sided mandalas to break up habitual thought patterns and see the world from a different perspective as insightful questions from the cards are being explored.

For example:
Here’s a card with a beautiful design and a question worth asking.

Your conscious mind would never guess that the shiny gold you see in the center is actually the eye of a tree frog sitting on a rose, but the infinite intelligence inside you recognizes patterns and shapes at levels you have no conscious idea about. Instantly you’re seeing a familiar world from a new perspective.

An opening to new possibilities!

middlefrogSo there it was. A clear vision with a distinct purpose, fully formed details and the name


inquiryhuhThat was in 1995 and I didn’t have a clue. No idea where to start, how to get a camera inside a teleidoscope, we’d barely heard of a thing called “the Internet,” I didn’t have a computer, and the thought of selling anything made me want to curl up into a ball and hide.

But I did what I could, which was start collecting questions, build a rough prototype to play with and keep practicing the art of inquiry and learning the power of a great question in my own life.

Fast forward a bunch of years, a couple of businesses later, a discovered passion for marketing and all things entrepreneurial along with some massive inner transformation, and a relationship with a graphic designer who could collaborate on the vision and get this deck off to press.


And here they are! Inquiry Cards. The deck that asks YOU the questions…because the answers are INside you.

Happy questioning,


queenofquestionsSylvia Nibley

Known as the “Queen of Questions”, Sylvia gratefully discovered the simple power of inquiry to create breakthroughs and has been practicing the art of a good question for decades.
Questions like; What’s the easier way?, What do I believe?, and What inspires me?  have led to many innovative tools for transformation.
Modern mystic, wild woman, inspired healer, dancing goddess and evolutionary priestess, Sylvia has a way of bringing Universal truths from big ideas all the way to the practical world.
She’s also an award-winning transformational leader who has helped thousands of people wake up to the truth of who they are. Drawing from many traditions, a deep connection to nature and guided by a constant connection with spirit she gets phenomenal results supporting breakthroughs in surprising ways.