Pick an Inquiry Card

Before drawing a card, bring to mind a specific area of your life
where you’d like to experience a breakthrough.

This might be something you’re struggling with,
something you want, a challenge you’d like to solve,
or a new idea you’d like to stimulate.

Sit quietly as you consider the issue.


Click on a card.

Now softly gaze into the image on the card,
say the question to yourself,
then drop into silence and just listen.

The power is in the pause.

Stay with the question and just notice the thoughts,
feelings and impressions that naturally arise,
even if the connection to your issue isn’t obvious right away.

(Cards automatically shuffle after you click. What you see is a few samples. There are many more cards in the Original deck and Insight expansion pack.)

More about recognizing answers

The way answers arrive will be unique to you. They may come suddenly or gradually, with or without words—as an image, symbol, sound, feeling or a knowing that’s beyond the mind’s understanding.

Be open to surprises!

As with any practice, the more you inquire, the easier it gets and the more developed your inner senses become. You may experience a wide range of feelings as the questions you’re contemplating resonate with your inner truth. Welcome whatever arises.

Allow what you think and feel to move and circulate freely, without judgment. Pause and give yourself time and space to feel any emotion as it surfaces. The questions in this deck are designed specifically to connect you to the power and the light within.

Trust yourself. Stay connected.

There are so many life-changing ways to use Inquiry Cards. This is just one of them.

A lot of people love to draw a question every day and put it on the wooden stand for inspiration and reflection through the day.
They’re also great before meditating or journaling.

Other good times to draw a card are when you’re:
• discouraged
• frustrated
• depressed
• stuck
• upset
• scared
• overwhelmed
• bored or
• confused

…give yourself a break and draw an Inquiry Card.

When you’re feeling:
• courageous
• hopeful
• delighted
• inspired
• or curious

…give yourself a gift and draw an Inquiry Card.

The starter deck comes with a guidebook that has meditations, layouts and lots of ways to use Inquiry Cards for breakthrough insights in every area of your life.

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