INquiry Leads to INtimacy Game




We want it. We’re afraid of it. It requires risk and it’s also what makes life juicy and satisfying.
Intimacy invites us to dangle our hearts where we can be known, where we can be seen.

In-to-me-see. Keyword—IN.

Here’s a game I promise will give you loving INsights…but only if  you choose to play.

Who do you want to be closer to?

• To deepen self love, give yourself the gift of some time with this game on your own.
Add some candlelight or look in the mirror as you answer the questions.

Your beloved?
• Share this game with your sweetheart or a close friend over dinner or a cup of tea and enjoy the deeper connection that naturally happens with inquiry.

• And if you really want to go for it, you could even play the game…between the sheets.

Here’s how to play:

Add one of these endings to any of the Inquiry Card questions below.

                 …in love          …in relationship           …between the sheets



“What if I were free…in love?”
“What am I ready for…between the sheets?”
“What is true for me…in relationship?”

Softly gaze into the image, say the question to yourself adding the new ending, then drop into silence and just listen.

May your heart find love as you look inside.

The questions above and ALL the Inquiry Cards can be used to play this game.

With lots of love,

sylvia120Publisher of Inquiry Cards, evolutionary healer, visionary and prolific creator, Sylvia Nibley has channeled her passion for awakening into helping thousands of people transform their lives and tap into their own wisdom through self-inquiry, accelerated change of core beliefs and connecting with the power of nature. Guided by a constant connection with spirit, Sylvia brings love and transformation to everyone she touches.

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