Inquiry Cards are being reborn!

Exciting news! Inquiry Cards are sold out and the 3rd edition is in production right now with some wonderful upgrades like; a full-color box, gift wrapping sleeves, less plastic and more resources for using the cards.

We know Inquiry Cards are a great gift because they get rave reviews from all kinds of people and I can’t even count the number of times someone has told me they’re back for more because they gave their deck away.

For all you fans who know these cards are a transformational tool worth sharing, I’ve put together some lavishly generous packages for gifting and bonuses galore when you pre-order now. Who in your world is ready for breakthroughs?

The self-inquiry tools changing lives every day…

An inspiring gift for:

• Clients
• Employees
• Friends
• Family
• Hosts
• Therapists
• Healers

• Yoga teachers
• Coaches
• Teenagers
• Parents
• Facilitators
• Clergy
• Anyone who meditates (or wants to)

Gifting packages – Original Deck


Gifting packages – Complete Sets

Bonuses Galore!

Ready to give
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